A Beginner’s Guide to Canadian Tourist Attractions


Canada is an intriguing country in North America. Its three territories and ten provinces cover almost the entire continent, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and southward to the Arctic Ocean. Despite its huge size, Canada has many attractive tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors every year. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Canada.

One of the many popular tourist attractions in Canada is the Canadian Arctic Arch. The arch is located on Cape Breton Island, an island in Nova Scotia off the eastern coast of Canada’s Eastern coast. This arched structure is nearly one mile long and half a mile tall, made entirely of ice. Even though it is an open air museum, it still features accommodations for visitors who want to stay close to the arched interior.

Another attraction that is visited by many tourists in Canada is Vancouver Island. It is also called Canada’s Inlet. It is the largest island in the province of Ontario, with a surface area of approximately 515 square kilometers. It is known for its spectacular fjords, picturesque beaches and historic cottages. While you are in Canada, there is no doubt that you will have the opportunity to visit Vancouver Island and experience what it is really like to live in the Canadian Arctic.

One of the many tourist attractions in Canada that must be experienced is Vimy National Park. It is located on the Quebec-Labrador border and is one of the country’s most popular attractions for outdoor activities, such as hiking, sailing, kayaking and snowmobiling. People who visit Vimy enjoy not only the beauty of the natural scenery surrounding the park but the spectacular views of ocean and mountain ranges as well.


The third and final tourist spot that must be visited during your stay in Canada is Montreal. It is important to see the City in all of its glory during your stay here. There are many events and venues that take place in the City and offer tourists an opportunity to view the many art museums, galleries and theatres. If you love music and have been waiting to hear your favorite musical group perform live, you should definitely visit the Montreal concerts and shows.

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As you can see, there are many tourist attractions in Canada that should not be missed when visiting this country. With so much to do and see, Canada has a lot to offer to both local and foreign tourists. One of the easiest ways to plan your trip is to use a travel agency that specializes in organizing tourist tours. With their help, you can plan your trip to Canada efficiently and effectively.

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